• La Marui – Because Fashion is not about size,03.06.2016

    La Marui – Finally open!


    Our eCommerce platform went live on June 1st 2016. Aside from the online-shop it offers an interesting blog and a lot of background information.

    We're happy to welcome you!

  • Melissa McCarthy’s new brand is coming!,16.04.2015

    Melissa McCarthy’s new brand is coming!


    Finally it’s here. Since the Oscars in 2012 when inquiries to designers for a custom dress all came back with refusals she’s come a long way: her own new brand is due to be launched this fall season. We’re looking forward to it!

  • UK Plus Size Fashion Week,12.02.-15.02.2015

    UK Plus Size Fashion Week

  • Ashley Graham in Sports Illustrated,04.02.2015

    Ashley Graham in Sports Illustrated


    Revolutionary – Finally a seriously curvy beauty in a magazine traditionally filled with slim models. Way to go, Ashley!

  • Exhibitors of trade fair TMC Women, 26.01.-06.02.2015

    Exhibitors of trade fair TMC Women

  • VFU Stammtisch for Women Entrepreneurs

    VFU Stammtisch for Women Entrepreneurs


    Topic: 'Online marketing'

  • Curvy is Sexy Berlin, 19.01.-21.01.2015

    Curvy is Sexy Berlin

  • New year’s Apéro VFU, 13.01.2015

    New year’s Apéro VFU

  • @IKEA: Women Entrepreneur’s ‚Wichteln‘, 09.12.2014

    @IKEA: Women Entrepreneur's ‚Wichteln'


    We’re participating in the Scandinavian custom of ‘Wichteln’ – the giving of anonymous pre-Christmas presents. IKEA, who for some time now has been supporting female entrepreneurs and promoting gender equality themselves, invites female entrepreneurs to take part in this traditional event.

    In cooperation with VFU.

  • VFU Stammtisch for Women Entrepreneurs, 28.10.2014

    VFU Stammtisch for Women Entrepreneurs


    This time with the topic: ‘Lesson learnt’! Getting advice on the mistakes women before us made that we need not repeat

  • VFU Stammtisch für Gründerinnen

    VFU Stammtisch for Women Entrepreneurs


    The Association of Women’s Business (“Verband Frauenunternehmen“) has given us the great opportunity to meet like-minded entrepreneurs in Zurich and form new alliances, which will provide us with mutual support and exchange of information and experience.

  • Unternehmerinnentreff Zürich, 06.08.2014

    Unternehmerinnentreff Zürich


    Meeting likeminded people and talking to them about business matters is a true joy! No matter if startup or IKEA, women of various places in the Swiss business world met up to have a drink and were able to make several new connections to Swiss ventures. The Association of Women’s Business (“Verband Frauenunternehmen”) is the perfect way to network and we intend to use this opportunity whenever possible.

  • Curvy is Sexy Berlin, 08.07.-10.07.14

    Curvy is Sexy Berlin


    An event for all those in the German speaking market of plus size fashion who are successful, want to be successful or are simply fans of fashion itself! New labels and already established ones are lined up on two floors, which also offer ice cream and several live fashion events which create the ideal atmosphere for the creation of new business connections.

    A fresh wind in the plus size fashion industry!

  • Startupfair Zürich, 03.07.2014

    Startupfair Zürich


    We checked out the startup fair in the Maag Event Hall in Zurich and connected with some great people! A wonderful opportunity for all startups and founders to inform themselves or be advised on a variety of topics. Please, go check out their homepage if you’re interested.”


We wish to present businesses and business people on our website, whose cooperation and collaboration we value enormously. We are always searching for new, interested business partners. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information

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Our Philosophy

Seeing that we all perform best, when we find what we love doing, we have decided to strive to make a difference where we can and founded a company where we can put our experiences so far, our passion and energy to work on something important: the equality of all women in the fashion industry – no matter the size.

Fashion today is mostly dictated by the model of a tall, skinny woman. This serves not only to spread an unreachable body type ideal for a lot of women, but even promotes self-hate if one does not fit in the standard and excludes those from fashion who are happy with their body. These unfair and unrealistic standard needs to be diversified and countered. We wish to give the market a new impulse, thereby moving toward a more accepting and equal society, which allows everyone equal possibilities of expression in fashion.

Taking care to consider sustainability, ethics and new technical possibilities, 3DIVAZ will serve as parent-company for the establishment and the distribution of different products and brands concerned with plus size fashion and its extensions. Creating new opportunities for Swiss women to express their sense of fashion and therefore their sense of self is our foremost concern. Making fashion a possible channel of expression and source of confidence not only for the average skinny woman, but for everyone.

Our Team

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